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For the Love of the Game

At Joyixir, we cultivate a creative and inclusive culture where honesty, transparency, and openness are at the forefront.

Joyixir is a place where creativity and communication come together to build something truly special. At Joyixir, we believe in being honest and transparent, always striving to think outside the box, and staying open to new ideas and perspectives. Our passion for entertaining and connecting with others drives us to build a community of individuals who share our mission to make a positive impact through interactive entertainment.

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About Joyixir

We’re based in Estonia


At Joyixir, we're a tight-knit, virtual team based in Tartu, Estonia with a mission to create a haven for all the creative minds out there. With our passion for interactive entertainment and a love for crafting "elixirs of joy," we're building a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Meet the Founders

Reza Hassanzadeh


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Ali Sharpasand


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Parastoo Behboodi


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Novin Shahroudi


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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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